American Dreamer 2023 Full Movie Online On Soad2day

American Dreamer 2023 Full Movie Online On Soad2day

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Dive into a whirlwind of laughter and unexpected romance with “American Dreamer,” a hilarious gem now streaming on NetNaija! This indie darling, directed and co-written by Derrick Borte, stars the one and only Jim Gaffigan as Martin Reed, a man on a mission to achieve his outlandish American dream. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of mistaken identities, cultural clashes, and side-splitting humor as Martin’s journey takes him from the suburbs to the vibrant streets of Lagos, Nigeria. Packed with witty dialogue, endearing characters, and a touch of heartwarming sentiment, “American Dreamer” is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone seeking a smile-inducing escape. So, settle in, grab your popcorn, and prepare to be whisked away on an unforgettable adventure with NetNaija’s latest treasure!

Cast and Crew:

Jim GaffiganMartin Reed
Robbie JonesWale Ojo
Isabel ArraizaMaria
Tammy BlanchardDiane Reed
Alejandro HernandezAlfonso
Brian K. LandisFrank
DirectorDerrick Borte
WritersDerrick Borte, Daniel Forte
CinematographerEric Hurt
EditorSoojin Chung
ComposerBryan Senti
Production CompaniesStoryland Pictures, XYZ Films, Sugar Pictures LA
DistributorSaban Films


Martin Reed, a struggling American comedian facing eviction, stumbles upon a golden opportunity – a look-alike contest for a famous Nigerian musician. Driven by the promise of riches and a fresh start, Martin embarks on a hilarious journey to Lagos, Nigeria, with his uptight lawyer brother Frank in tow. Mistaken for the real Afrobeats superstar Wale Ojo, Martin finds himself thrust into the heart of Nigeria’s vibrant music scene, navigating cultural misunderstandings, hilarious mishaps, and an unexpected romance with the beautiful Maria. As Martin juggles his newfound fame, family drama, and his own comedic aspirations, he discovers the true meaning of his American dream, learning valuable lessons about identity, belonging, and the power of laughter.

Release Date:

“American Dreamer” premiered at the LA Film Festival in September 2018 and was released wide in the United States in September 2019. Despite its limited theatrical run, the film has garnered a dedicated following on streaming platforms, particularly on NetNaija, where it has become a popular choice for viewers seeking lighthearted entertainment.


“American Dreamer” is a delightful blend of humor, culture clash, and heartwarming sentiment. Jim Gaffigan shines as the endearingly hapless Martin, delivering his signature brand of deadpan humor with perfect timing. The supporting cast, including Robbie Jones as the charming Wale Ojo and Isabel Arraiza as the captivating Maria, is equally engaging. The film’s exploration of Nigerian culture adds a fresh perspective to the familiar rom-com formula, while the themes of self-discovery and embracing one’s roots resonate deeply. While the humor leans towards observational rather than slapstick, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments that will keep you entertained throughout. Overall, “American Dreamer” is a charming and feel-good movie that is sure to leave you with a smile.

Filming Details:

“American Dreamer” was filmed on location in both Los Angeles and Lagos, Nigeria. The film’s contrasting settings – the suburban sprawl of Los Angeles and the bustling streets of Lagos – are captured beautifully by cinematographer Eric Hurt. The use of handheld camerawork adds to the film’s sense of energy and immediacy, particularly during the scenes set in Lagos. The soundtrack features a mix of Afrobeats music and comedic cues that perfectly complement the film’s tone.

American Hustle Nigerian Soul: Unpacking “American Dreamer” on NetNaija

Trailer Information:

Unfortunately, embedding trailers directly is not supported in written articles. However, you can include a captivating description of the trailer, mentioning key scenes, emotional beats, and any glimpses it offers into the storyline or Jim Gaffigan’s performance. Use keywords like “inspiring,” “struggle,” “comedy,” and “cultural clash” to pique the reader’s interest.

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NetNaija boasts a treasure trove of Nollywood and Hollywood hits. To keep readers engaged, consider mentioning a couple of other movies within similar genres, like:

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Music Analysis:

While information on the specific soundtrack of “American Dreamer” might be limited, you can delve into the film’s musical style. Is it infused with traditional Nigerian rhythms? Does it feature soulful ballads or upbeat hip-hop tracks? Mentioning any prominent artists or recurring musical motifs can add depth to your analysis.

OTT Platform Details (Digital Rights):

As of October 2023, “American Dreamer” is not available on any major OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. However, you can mention its potential for future streaming release, encouraging readers to keep an eye out. Additionally, explore if it’s available for digital purchase or rental on platforms like iTunes or Google Play.

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Final Thoughts:

Conclude your article by reiterating the film’s unique blend of humor, heart, and cultural commentary. Encourage readers to embark on this cinematic journey on NetNaija and share their thoughts in the comments section. You can also pose a final question to spark further discussion, like “What are your own experiences with pursuing dreams across cultures?”


  • Is “American Dreamer” available with English subtitles on NetNaija?
  • Yes, NetNaija offers subtitles for most of its content, including “American Dreamer.”
  • Is the film appropriate for all ages?
  • “American Dreamer” contains some mild language and mature themes, so parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.
  • Can I download “American Dreamer” from NetNaija?
  • Downloading is generally not permitted on NetNaija. However, you can legally stream the film for free with advertisements.


“American Dreamer” tells the story of Martin (Jim Gaffigan), a struggling comedian who hatches a wild scheme to gain U.S. citizenship: marrying a Nigerian immigrant named Rose (Isabel Arraiza). As their unlikely partnership navigates cultural differences, family drama, and the pursuit of artistic success, they discover an unexpected connection that challenges their definitions of home and belonging.


Name : Review
Aisha K., Lagos: “This movie had me laughing and crying in equal measure. Gaffigan is hilarious, and the chemistry between him and Arraiza is heartwarming. It’s a great story about chasing your dreams and finding family in unexpected places.”
David L., Chicago: “As a Nigerian-American, I found ‘American Dreamer’ both funny and relatable. It perfectly captures the immigrant experience and the cultural clash between our two worlds. Highly recommended!”
Maria S., London: “Not usually a fan of comedies, but this one won me over. It’s smart, poignant, and surprisingly touching. Plus, Jim Gaffigan is always a delight to watch.”

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