Download History of Evil Hollywood Movie

Download History of Evil Hollywood Movie

History of Evil” takes audiences on a gripping journey directed by Bo Mirhosseni. The movie features an ensemble cast, with standout performances from:

  • Jackie Cruz as Alegre Dyer
  • Paul Wesley as Ron Dyer
  • Rhonda Johnson Dents as Trudy
  • Murphee Bloom as Daria Dyer
  • Thomas Francis Murphy as Cain
  • Tordy Clark as Darlene
  • Michael Andrew Dinan as Stephen
  • Sarah Margaret Burns as Smith
  • Ashley Hudson as Resisting Woman
  • Tevin Marbeth as Dead Woman’s Boyfriend
  • Preston Flagg as Brad
  • Zachary Branch as Danny
  • Kyle Porter as Johnson
  • Ralph Rodriguez as Williams
  • Ryan Baughman as Miller
  • Jason Box as Jared
  • Bodhi Brazy as Benny

The production team, led by Babak Anvari and a group of talented producers, brought this tale to life. The film’s soundtrack, composed by Paul Corley, adds an immersive layer to the storytelling.

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The cinematography by Jon Peter and editing by Anjoum Agrama contribute to the film’s visual appeal. The casting, led by Hunter McHugh, successfully brings each character to life.

The movie’s intense atmosphere is heightened by the work of the production design team, led by Emily Kingston, and the costume design by Jillian Ann Kreiner. The makeup department, headed by Ashley Treadaway, further enhances the characters’ authenticity.

The film’s sound, under the expertise of Brian Berger and Jazz Gaudet, captures the audience’s attention, while the visual effects, skillfully handled by Zachary Hahn and Ray McIntyre Jr., add a touch of the extraordinary.

Stunts coordinated by Kevin Beard, camera work by Steve Acheson and the electrical team, and the dedication of the entire crew make “History of Evil” a compelling cinematic experience.

The movie, a collaborative effort of many talented individuals, promises to be a thrilling ride into the depths of darkness, bringing a unique and captivating narrative to the screen.

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