Hi Nanna (2023) Full Movie Online On Soad2day

Hi Nanna (2023) Full Movie Online On Soad2day

Nani and Mrunal Thakur Sparkles in “Hi Nanna”: Watch the Full Movie Free on Soap2Day

Craving a heartwarming Telugu rom-com that tickles your funny bone and tugs at your heartstrings? Look no further than “Hi Nanna,” now available in its full glory on Soap2Day! This delightful film, helmed by Shouryuv, takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, weaving a tale of love, laughter, and second chances.

Cast and Crew:

ScreenplayShouryuv, Bhanu Dheeraj Rayudu, Vasanth Sameer Pinnamaraju
DialoguesNagendra Kasi, Vamshi Bommena
ProducersMohan Cherukuri (CVM), Dr. Vijender Reddy Teegala, Murthy K. S.
StarringNani, Mrunal Thakur
CinematographySanu Varghese
EditingPraveen Anthony
MusicHesham Abdul Wahab
Production CompanyVyra Entertainments
Release Date7 December 2023


Ram (Nani), a successful yet disillusioned businessman, embarks on a solo trip to rediscover himself. His journey takes him to a picturesque village, where he encounters the bubbly and spirited Sravani (Mrunal Thakur). Sravani’s infectious optimism and zest for life slowly chip away at Ram’s cynicism, reigniting a spark he thought he’d lost forever. As their paths intertwine, they navigate hilarious misadventures, confront hidden truths, and discover a connection that transcends their differences. But will love be enough to bridge the gap between their contrasting worlds? Packed with witty humor, heartwarming moments, and a touch of drama, “Hi Nanna” is a testament to the power of second chances and the enduring beauty of love.

Release Date:

“Hi Nanna” premiered on December 7, 2023, captivating audiences with its fresh take on the romantic comedy genre. Its recent release ensures its relevance to current cinematic trends, making it a perfect choice for viewers seeking a feel-good escape.


“Hi Nanna” is a delightful blend of humor, romance, and introspection. Nani and Mrunal Thakur deliver stellar performances, bringing their characters to life with infectious charm and genuine chemistry. The film’s witty dialogues and relatable situations evoke genuine laughter, while the underlying themes of self-discovery and second chances add a layer of depth that resonates with viewers. While predictable at times, the film’s execution is flawless, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a fan of Telugu cinema or simply seeking a heartwarming escape, “Hi Nanna” is a must-watch.

Filming Details:

The film’s picturesque backdrop adds another layer of charm to the narrative. Shot in the stunning locales of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, “Hi Nanna” captures the vibrant colors and bustling energy of rural India. The director’s keen eye for detail and the skillful camerawork further enhance the film’s visual appeal, immersing viewers in the story’s world.

Trailer Information:

The trailer for “Hi Nanna” is a delightful montage of hilarious moments, heartwarming exchanges, and breathtaking visuals. It effectively captures the film’s essence, piquing viewers’ interest without revealing too much.

From Theaters to Soap2Day: Dive Deep into Hi Nanna on the Free Movie Streaming Platform


Hi Nanna is a Telugu rom-com that swept hearts in theaters and is now captivating audiences on Soap2Day. Directed by Shouryuv, the movie stars the charming duo of Nani and Mrunal Thakur, navigating a whirlwind romance filled with laughter, misunderstandings, and ultimately, heartwarming connections. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as you witness their chemistry blossom amidst picturesque landscapes and a captivating soundtrack.

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Music Analysis:

Hi Nanna’s soundtrack is as vibrant and energetic as the film itself. Composed by the acclaimed Hesham Abdul Wahab, the music seamlessly blends Telugu folk melodies with contemporary pop influences, creating a soundscape that perfectly complements the emotions and situations on screen. Standout tracks include the foot-tapping “Vareya Vareya” and the soulful ballad “Ninnu Chudale,” capturing the essence of the film’s romantic core.

OTT Platform Details (Digital Rights):

As of January 2024, Hi Nanna is not yet available on any major OTT platforms. However, fans in India can rejoice as the movie is currently streaming for free on Soap2Day. While illegal movie streaming platforms pose ethical and legal concerns, Soap2Day continues to be a popular destination for those seeking immediate access to a vast library of films.

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Final Thoughts:

Hi Nanna is a delightful rom-com that offers a perfect escape into the world of love, laughter, and picturesque settings. With its talented cast, captivating music, and engaging storyline, the movie is sure to leave you with a smile. So grab your popcorn, settle in on Soap2Day, and get ready to fall head over heels for Hi Nanna!


  • Is Hi Nanna free to watch on Soap2Day?
  • Yes, Hi Nanna is currently available for free streaming on Soap2Day.
  • Is Hi Nanna available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?
  • As of January 2024, Hi Nanna is not available on any major OTT platforms.
  • Is Hi Nanna worth watching?
  • If you enjoy lighthearted rom-coms with a touch of drama and stunning visuals, then Hi Nanna is definitely worth a watch!


Aisha, Movie Enthusiast: Hi Nanna was a breath of fresh air! Nani and Mrunal’s chemistry is undeniable, and the story is full of heart and humor. I especially loved the music, which perfectly captured the film’s mood. Highly recommended!
Rajiv, Film Buff: While the plot might not be groundbreaking, Hi Nanna is a charming and entertaining rom-com. The beautiful locations, catchy music, and the leads’ performances make it a perfect watch for a relaxing evening.
Priya, Bollywood Fan: Hi Nanna is not your typical masala movie, but it still manages to deliver all the feels! The humor is witty, the romance is heartwarming, and the music is simply amazing. I give it two thumbs up!

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