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GenreHorror, Science Fiction, Thriller
DirectorBrian Duffield
CastKaitlyn Dever, Elizabeth Kaluev, Zack Duhame, Lauren L. Murray, Geraldine Singer, Dane Rhodes, Daniel Rigamer, Evangeline Rose, Dari Lynn Griffin, Gabrielle Bordlee Mauro
CountryUnited States of America
Duration1h 33m

No One Will Save You stands out from other horror films’ innovative storytelling through visuals and music, giving the film its distinctive edge and immersive feel.

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No One Will Save You stands out by featuring an independent female protagonist like Brynn. Her strong and resourceful nature provides a welcome change from horror movie protagonists who tend to be helpless victims.

No One Will Save You is a 2023 American science fiction horror film written and directed by Brian Duffield and starring Kaitlyn Dever. It is rare among features due to only having a single line of dialogue over its 93-minute running time.

Brynn Adams (Dever) is an introverted young woman living alone in a small town. Shy and reserved, Brynn prefers spending her time at home. One night, however, strange noises awaken her from sleep; upon further investigation, she discovers that extraterrestrial beings have broken into her house!

Brynn must fight to survive against alien invaders. Through resourceful and courageous maneuvering, she eventually defeats them – an experience that left her traumatized and emotionally scarred.

No One Will Save You is an inspiring tale about survival and resilience. It shows us how we can all face our fears and overcome challenges along our paths to happiness.

No One Will Save You has earned over $10 Million worldwide after having a budget of $5 Million.

The film budget for No One Will Save You is estimated to be approximately $5 Million.

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Critics have given No One Will Save You favorable reviews, praising its suspenseful atmosphere, excellent performances by its cast, and unique visual style.

Kaitlyn Dever delivers an energetic and nuanced performance as Brynn. She expertly conveys her strength, vulnerability, and determination while director Brian Duffield creates an atmospheric setting with shadows, lights, and sounds for maximum tension and fear-inducing dread.
No One Will Save You is a unique and excellent horror film; its ending leaves viewers wondering about Brynn’s fate and humanity. Overall, No One Will Save You will remain memorable long after watching it.

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No One Will Save You is an excellent and entertaining horror film that should appeal to longtime horror fans and viewers looking for something fresh.

No One Will Save You is an intimate film that resonates long after its screening, prompting audiences to think deeply about their fears and challenges while celebrating our collective humanity and ability to overcome difficulties.

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